Salt crystal lamps from the Himalayas

are highly recommended for healthy life-style

The Himalayan mountains, which are spread over countries as Nepal, China and India, have always attracted attention of people. There is a precious, 540 million years old salt mine at the bottom of the mountains. And from this place come beautiful and good quality salt crystals. Minerals as iron and manganese, naturally present in the crystals, color them into beautiful yellow-orange, red and deep red shades. The crystals, which come from this area, have very benign effects on the human body.

The salt crystal works as an ionizer of the air and this process increases as the crystal warms up. It vitalizes the air as we experience it, e.g. near the waterfall or at the seaside. The crystals have benign effects on breathing, circulation and immunity systems and they have strong regenerative influence at all. That is why are salt crystal lamps recommended by the experts of the Feng-Shui for all the living and working spaces and also for the relaxation areas.



The salt crystal lamps have very calming light, positive for the human psyche. They create warm and intimate atmosphere. It is very nice to look into them. They bring to you the color of sunset or warm feeling of a burning fire. The crystals make your place cosy and harmonize your mind and body.
The crystal lamps are very good for the bedrooms, the living-rooms, next to a TV, for the children-rooms, in the office, and next to a computer.

Our lamps are beautiful original pieces, hand crafted.

Every lamps is a unique piece, there are no two of the same.



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